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Raritan Premier Partner - With a Choice of support options available

As a Raritan Premier - Platinum Supplier we can offer you the highest level Raritan trained advisors and technical support services. We are pleased to offer free expert advice on all the Raritan KVM Switch ranges along with Raritan accessories, Raritan's Intelligent complete ranges of Power control PDU's and Raritan Power monitoring products, this includes popular stocked models but the availability of special configuration 'BTO' build to order models.

Raritan Datacentre Control & IP KVM Switch & Device Switches

Raritan Dominion KX3

Multiuser Multiplatform IP KVM Switch DVI, HDMI, DSP, or VGA Video

DKX3 Switches

DCIM's for Server Attachment

DKX3 Remote User Station  Create a Matrix System

DSAM - Add Serial Ports   Create Serial Console capabilities

Raritan Dominion SX2

Serial DVI Console Control IP Multiuser & Auto Configure

Serial Console Switch DSX2

Original Version- DSX1 Deals

Nulling Serial Adaptors

Serial Cables for Original DSX1

Raritan DKSX- Multifunction Remote

KVM & Serial Combined Appliance

DKSX Switches


Single Remote Server Access

For Single device control over IP


Raritan Dominion LX

Entry Level Smaller IP KVM Switch VGA

DLX Range



Enterprise - Multi Unit Management COMMAND CENTER

Mangement Access and control of Servers and Devices

CCSG Command Center Appliances

Compatible with Raritan DKX3, DKX2, DSX2, DKSX2, DSX Products


Raritan KVM Switches Local Control - Digital Video

Raritan MasterConsole Digital KVM Switch

DVI - Digital Video KVM Switches + support Audio


Raritan MCD-LED  MasterConsole DIGITAL KVM Drawer

High resolution KVM Console drawer with Digital Video KVM Switch



Raritan KVM Switches Local Control - Analogue Video

Raritan Paragon II - KVM VGA Matrix

CatX based system: Multiuser / Multi server 300 Mtr range KVM Matrix

Paragon II Switch Units

Paragon II User Sations

Paragon CIM's

Raritan MCCAT Mid range KVM Switch with extended Users

Single or Dual Users Master console

MCCAT Single User

MCCAT Dual User

User Stations


NO LONGER AVAILABLE - EOL - Contact us for the suitable alternative or replacement product 0845 8995010

KVM Console Drawer Control - KVM Drawer

KVM 17" Drawer T1700-LED

KVM 19" Drawer T1900




Raritan Z-Series KVM BUS CATX System 1-64 Server






NO LONGER AVAILABLE - EOL - Contact us for the suitable alternative  or replacement product 0845 8995010

Raritan KVM Switches Local 8-16 Port

EXPREZZO single user supplied with combo cables and rack kit

8 port

16 port


CS Range Small Basic PS2 Industrial Switches

CS Range KVM Switches


Raritan KVM and Digital AV Extension

Raritan RAV IP -Extender over IP


FibreOptic Set

RAV-IP Separate Components




NO LONGER AVAILABLE - EOL - Contact us for the suitable alternative or replacement product 0845 8995010


DVI KVM Extender

Cat 5 Reach  DVI


Raritan Power Control -
PDU and Environmental Control Products

For a better & easier navigation of this specialist power area please see our related PDU-Choice Site Navigation


Raritan PDU Selector tool

Select the exact and ideal Model PDU for your requirements and search for your price on the code


New PDU Product Selector:


Older style Product Selector:

Raritan PDU Ranges- full power control options

PX-5000 Range - Full Outlet metered & remote switching

PX-4000 Range - Outlet Metered

PX-3000 Range - Inline Metering

PX-2000 Range - Outlet Switching Bar level metering

PX-1000 Range - Bar level metering

PXE-Range - Super DC budget level Bar level metering

Raritan STS / ATS PDU's


Power transfer switches PDU


Raritan Environmental Sensor HUBS

Raritan EMX

Environmental Sensors for PDU's and HUBS

Temporature Humidity DPX-

Temporature Humidity DPX2-

Water   Air Pressure

Air Flow

WIFI Dongle for PDU

All sensors


Raritan BCM2

Branch Circuit Monitoring

Access and central monitor information control appliances

For compatible power management see Sunbird  


Raritan Accessories

KVM Cables


MCUTP Cables

CCPT Cables

EZ Exprezo Cables

Power Cables

Secure lock cables

Locking C20 Plug end power cables


" Made for Raritan locking compatible PDU's"

Port Adaptors

Rack Kits


Call for any part

Serial Cables and adaptors

ASCS Adaptors

CRLVR Cables


DCIM for Dominion KX

D2CIM for Dominion KX

P2CIM for Paragon II

MCIM for MasterConsole

Asset Management Bars & Tags






BTO Special orders:  Some special size or configuration items can be built to order (BTO) these item may not be listed but are typically available on 6-8 weeks leadtime from time of order. However this is always an estimated leadtime stated at quote and again at the time of your order. Please note these special BTO items are non cancallable from time of order. If the lead time is too long or of concern please speak to us for a more standard item or model which could be available from stock.

Raritan Support - Repair Service - in warranty or out of warranty -  Quote for repair service 0845 899 5010




Local Desktop Raritan KVM Switches 

8 & 16 Port Raritan Exprezo Combo KVM Switches

Local Rack Mount Raritan KVM Switches- Original Ranges

  Desk or Rack Mountable Compuswitch Range      -  2 Port - Also 4 Port  - 8 Port  

 Masterconsole Range  4 Port  - 8 Port 16Port 

Small/Medium  IP KVM Switches DLX IP Range - IP Access RJ45 cables  MCCAT Range- LocalAccess UTP to Computers Single User MCCAT 

Z-Series Local UTP KVM Switch

New Raritan MZ-Series Multiplatform upto 64X KVM System

Raritan Dominion Range KVM Switch

 Raritan DKX3 Switch Range  *NEW IP with DVI - Multiplatform

 Raritan DKX 2 Switch  Range   

Raritan Dominion CIM's for Device attachment

DCIM Original 

D2CIM Advanced features

Raritan Paragon Range KVM Switch

Local 300 Mtr RJ45 control fast switch Analogue Matrix Switch System

Paragon Switch Main Units

Paragon User Stations


Paragon CIM's

Raritan Dominion KSX ( Remote KVM & Serial )   All UTP Wiring system

New - Dominion DKSX2 Range

Multifunctional all device access for smaller sites 

Raritan Dominion SX2 Terminal Servers

New Version

Raritan Dominion SX Terminal Servers

Raritan Serial Multi IP User  to Multiple Devices direct access.

Serial Adaptors Power Unit Connection 

Raritan Command Center ( System Access Management ) Raritan Datacentre planning & Infrastructure Management dcTrack

Raritan Power IQ - (Remote power system Management)

Raritan Intelligent Asset Tag and Sensors   AMT/ AMS

IP Remote Access Cards/Units to KVM & Serial 

DKX2-101    ( POE ) 

 IP Remote Power Control Units

Raritan DPX 230 Volt 5000 Series

Stocked Outlet Metered Outlet Switched

Raritan Remote Switching PX5000 Series - Outlet Metered and Switched

Raritan Remote Monitoring PX2 1000 Series - Unit Metered

Raritan Remote Monitoring PX 2000 Series - Unit Metered & Outlet Switched

Raritan  Remote Monitoring PX3000 Series - Inline Meters

Raritan Remote Monitoring PX4000 Series - BTO Outlet Metered

Raritan UTP KVM Extenders DVI



Pepperconn Products

Raritan KVM Console Drawer

Raritan New KVM Drawer with Cat5 KVM Switch

Special Offer Raritan older models on stock clearance - New with 2 year Warranty