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Raritan: SmartSensors

SmartSensor™ Environmental Monitoring Solution


(Please Note: All Raritan Power Products are POA). Contact us for details.



Data Center Environmental Sensors:


Raritan’s sensors are deployed as plug-and-play options for PX intelligent rack PDUs, EMX rack controllers, PX inline meters and branch circuit monitors eliminating the need for a separate controller. Environment data is instantly sent to a DCIM software solution. A simple web-based interface allows data center managers to see real-time environment data and report trends over time. Raritan environment sensors enable you to:



Environmental Monitoring:



             Temperature                Temperature & Humidity        Dual Temp & Humidity       Tri Temp & Humidity KIT


                  Airflow                      Differential Air Pressure                  Water Floor                           Rope Water


Physical Access & Security:


            Active Contact                       Contact Closure                 Proximity & Motion


  Specialised Sensors                           Sensor Hubs & Accessories


        Vibration Sensor                                  Sensor Hub                           Remote Hub



Raritan: SmartSensors For Your Data Centre...

Total coverage for full peace of mind.


Highly Accurate Environment Monitoring:


Easy to Deploy within Existing IT Infrastructures


Built to Last and Easily Maintained

  • SmartSensors feature RJ45 connectors with removable sensor heads making it easy to facilitate deployment and connection to existing racks. The RJ45 sensor head allows you to disconnect and reconnect the sensor without having to rewire the rack, saving on maintenance costs.

Support for Customizable Configuration with Single Bus/String Technology

  • Offering the highest flexibility of deployment, SmartSensors can be cascaded in single bus structure to instrument entire rows of your data center with different types of sensors. Cascaded sensors are linked with standard CAT5/6 cables and connected through a sensor port on a control device to ensure comprehensive measurement and monitoring. 

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