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Early warning system to avoid unplanned downtime and trend analysis tools for efficiency gains.


OmniWatch is designed with the professional IT department or Facilities department in mind. Whether there is a requirement to monitor wired climate monitoring hardware or 3rd party devices such as intelligent power strips, uninterruptible power supplies, generators, BMS systems and more; OmniWatch provides an enterprise centric monitoring solution.

OmniWatch Range:

Year 1 - License

(10 - 250 PDUs & Initial Setup)

Year 1 PDU License for Omniwatch Power / Environmental Monitoring DCIM

Additional Years license

(10 - 250 PDUs, Continued Access)

Additional Years license for Omniwatch Power / Environmental Monitoring DCIM


Why Monitoring is Important?


The majority of business critical IT equipment and rooms monitored by Spook are unsupervised for approximately 14 hours over night during the business week and for over 60 hours from Friday evening through to Monday morning. Overall this means that critical equipment and inventory is in a lights out state for over 70% of the time. Clearly this increases even more during extended holiday periods such as Bank Holidays, Easter and the festive period.