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KVM Choice: Serial Console Control

Serial Console Servers & Console Terminal Switches


Serial Console Servers/ Switches (also known as serial terminal servers) provide multiple connection via IP or direct from a local rack access port to a number of serial ports, which are then connected to the serial ports of the devices, such as servers, routers or switches. The console ports of the connected devices can then be accessed by connecting to the console server over a single direct serial link, IP Network port over terminal emulator software such as Telnet or SSH, or in some cases even a modem for backup access.  They are commonly used for connection to the console ports of unix servers. This then allows a systems administrator to connect to the servers over the network. This also allows access for rebooting the system and for hardware debugging, and often where an operating system hangs or will not boot correctly. Other uses include use as network access servers to act as a secure gateway to access to a protected resource or device.

For conveniance hybrid units ( combined dual purpose ) have been created. These devices allow not only the console server access but control or access or power or KVM ports.

Access to these devices can also be taken to a higher level of security management by the use of Central Secure Gateways which create a central point of login access to any console server in any location.This mot only makes access qicker and easier but allow a log of user access to comply with modern audit trail requirements.

* Please note the term terminal server is also used for centralized computing systems such as central server providing a Window or Linux desktop to multiple user stations, the common term for these users now known as thin clients. These are not the same as the products we are providing here.


Serial Console Control

Remote Serial Console Control

Secure remote access to all your devices

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