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Rose Vista KVM Switch - Entry Level

2 Port Mini Vista  

4 Port Desk M Chassis 

4 & 8 Port L-Chassis 19" 



PS2 User PC switches,  -K ( kit) versions supplied with PS2 Cables and Rack kits.

Ultraview Pro KVM Switch - Scalable Single user

PC Platform Models M-Chassis 1U

PC Platform Models B-Chassis 1U 

PC Platform Models C-Chassis 2U

Multiplatform Models M-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models B-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models C-Chassis 2U

Ultramatrix KVM Switch -  Multiuser Matrix

2 User System PC Platform

2 User System Multiplatform

4 User System PC Platform

4 User System Multiplatform

Ultraconsole KVM & Serial Switch (Multiplatform)

Single Local only User Models

Single IP & Local User Models 

MultiVideo KVM Switches

2 Video MChassis

2 Video BChassis

4 Video CChassis

Xtensys -Catx Matrix KVM Switch Systems

Available models include 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16 User KVM Switches with or without IP Access

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Rose Ultra Cables:.

 All Cables

PS2 ZX  low cost PS2 cables

PS2 CX premium PS2 cables

USB - premium USB Computer cables

Rose KVM Extenders: PS2 & USB 

UTP - ViewLink Extenders Range

UTP - CrystalView Extenders Range

Fibre - CrystalView Pro Fiber Range DVI

Rose KVM Sharer Devices

Rose KVM Console Drawer Ranges:

Rose Converters (Uniport  User Adaptors)

Rose UTP Video Splitters

Rose QuadraVista

DVI Multi Viewers

( Unique 4 Computer images viewed on 1 Screen)


Rose ClassView ( Training system )

Ultralink  (IP Access to KVM)


UltraView Remote

 ( Single User IP Access KVM Switches)

UltraMatrix Remote

Multi User KVM Switches