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KVM Choice: Cables

 Computer Cables & Power Cables 


Cables are insulated wire / wires which have a protective rubber based casing, many of which meeting LSOH specifications these can be used for transmitting electricity ('Power Cables'). In addition a variety of cables are required in basic computer setup Including: (See Compatible Products)


  • Computer Power Cables... (C13-UK) : LSOH & LOCKING
  • Network Cables / Ethernet... (Cat5 / Cat5E / Cat6)
  • Digital Display Cables... (DVI-D / HDMI / VGA
  • Keyboard* & Mouse*... (USB * / PS/2)
  • Video Cables... (VGA / DVI / HDMI / DP / AV)
  • All Other Cable Solutions Listed Below:


    Computing Cables


    ' Video Graphics Array '

    - For use with video cards, computer monitors, laptop computers & projectors


    ' Digital Visual Interface '

    - Used to connect a video source to a display device i.e. computer to monitor


    ' High-Definition Multimedia Interface '

    - HDMI provides an interface between any audio/video source, such as a AV receiver


    ' DisplayPort '

    - DP is a digital display interface developed by a consortium of PC and chip with similar use


    Networking Cables


    - Twisted pair cable for computer networks. The cable standard provides up to 100 MHz


    - Twisted pair cable, supports 1000 Mbps "gigabit" speeds, longer life & better electron flow than Cat5


    - Cables allowing the user to trace both ends of any network cable using an exclusive lighting system for easy identification

     Fibre Optic

    - These contain strands of glass fibers in an insulated casing. 'Designed for long distance'

    Power Cables (IEC 60320)

    C13 / C14

    - Very common on personal computers and peripherals. Commonly referred to as a "kettle cord" (10A)

    C19 / C20

    - Common on Enterprise-class servers and datacenter rack-mounted power distribution units (16A)

    C13 / C20

    - 10A C13 Socket to C20 Plug IEC 320

    ' PDU, Breaker box or UPS '

    C20 Plugs & Compatible

    - IEC C20 16A Connector (Black)

    ' Assembled Screw fit '


    USB Cables and Accessories


    - USB A, USB B, USB C..

    Compatible to KVM equipment and a whole range of devices


    Including converters, splitters, mice, keyboards, adaptors, extenders, switches and so much more...


    Power Cables (IEC 60309)

    IEC 60309

    - Marketed under Commando for industrial purposes, specifies general functional and safety requirements (1PH / Blue)

    IEC 60309

    - Marketed under Commando for industrial purposes, has 3 positive terminal's and is rated at 400 volts (3PH / Red)


    KVM Cables

     KVM Cables

     A huge range of cables designed for KVM Switches and equipment, with a range of brands, types and styles to choose from the choice really is yours. Including: VGA, PS/2, DVI-D, DVI-I, DP, HDMI, USB requirements and so many more options. This single cable can connect your KVM to all your devices.


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