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KVM Choice: Cables

Video Cables, Control, KVM Cables, USB, Network / CAT  Cables, Power, all to suit your needs.


Video Cables:



By Type: Copper (Standard)


             HDMI (Black)                        HDMI (UHD)                 HDMI Ultra (Premium)         


By Type: Fibre (Active Optical HDMI)


 HDMI (AOC)                    HyperLight! 4K AOC               AOC - 4K 60Htz  Industrial 




By Type: All 4K


               DP to DP 4K                  DP (Ultra High Res 4K)         DP 8K 60Htz (AOC) 




By Type:


          DVI-I (Dual Link)                  DVI-D (Dual Link)                   DVI-D to HDMI                      DVI-I to VGA





By Type: 


        SVGA (Male to Male)         SVGA (Male to Female)              DVI-A to SVGA



Conversion adaptor cables from DisplayPort source


               DP to HDMI                            DP to DVI                           DP to SVGA         


Reverse direction is a different active conversion


     HDMI to DP - (Active conversion required)



KVM Cable kits ( Easy cable sets for kvm combo switch ports )  

By Type: Includes 2x & 4x kits


       DVI-D & USB                         HDMI & USB                   Display Port & USB


        DVI-I & USB                         VGA & USB                           VGA & PS2



Control Cables:


USB Cables and Accessories


USB A to B cables

USB A Extension

USB A - Micro B cables

USB2 Cables 

 USB  Adaptors & Accessories

Including converters, splitters, mice, keyboards, adaptors, extenders, switches and so much more...


PS/2 Cables & Adaptors

PS/2  Cables

PS/2 (MALE to Male)

PS/2 (Male to Female)


PS/2  Adaptors & Accessories

Special offer prices on for different brands, including manufacturer clearance



KVM ( All in one )  Cables

 KVM Cables Combo

 A huge range of cables designed for KVM Switches and equipment, with a range of brands, types and styles to choose from the choice really is yours. Including: VGA, PS/2, DVI-D, DVI-I, DP, HDMI, USB requirements and so many more options. A single cable can connect your KVM to all your devices.


Manufacturer's own KVM Cables: Adder |  Aten  |  Raritan  |   Austin Hughes  |  Rose  |  Fujitsu  |  DVIGear          



Network Cables:



By Colour: (In Stock ready to ship):

Custom Cables Available* (Contact Us.)




By Colour: 


Why choose CAT6 ?

+ CAT6 offers the fastest internet & data transfer speeds.

(Supports 1000Mbps "gigabit" speeds).

+ CAT6 also reduces 'crosstalk' with additional shielding.

(Significantly Lowers Interference).




High performance cables suitable for Network 10G and AV Performance Digital KVM systems use


Power Cables:


Power Cables (IEC 60320)


C13 / C14

- Very common on personal computers and peripherals. Commonly referred to as a "kettle cord" (10A)

C19 / C20

- Common on Enterprise-class servers and datacenter rack-mounted power distribution units (16A)

C13 / C20

- 10A C13 Socket to C20 Plug IEC 320

' PDU, Breaker box or UPS '

C20 Plugs & Compatible

- IEC C20 16A Connector (Black)

' Assembled Screw fit '

Also See: IEC LOCK Cables

Locking connection power cables


Industrial 309 Commando Power Cables (IEC 60309)

IEC 60309

- Marketed under Commando for industrial purposes, specifies general functional and safety requirements (1PH / Blue)

IEC 60309

- Marketed under Commando for industrial purposes, has 3 positive terminal's and is rated at 400 volts (3PH / Red)


CAT6A  (Patchsee)

In need of something different? Checkout: PatchSee (CAT6 with Fibre Optic Identification)


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