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Fujitsu Rack Security - Physical Datacentre Security


Fujitsu SURIENT Managed Rack Solution ( MRS)

High security Controlled access racks


Fujitsu PalmSecure Access control

PalmSecure biometric palm scanning access






Fujitsu KVM Products - High quality build, Industrial grade

KVM Switches





KVM Switches with VGA,PS2& SUN 8MCC Console 

4 Port 

8 port

16 Port

KVM Extenders





KVM Extenders with VGA,PS2& SUN 8MCC Console 

KVM only

KVM Serial & Audio


KVM Drawer







KVM 19" Rack Consoles Lift up action & Mouse

17" Drawer only

17" with 8 Port Switch

17" with 16 Port Switch

KVM Accessories and Cables



Switch to PC Cables

Rack Mount Kits

Fujitsu Special Products: PALM SECURE - BIOMETRIC ACCESS

Biometric computer login devices





PalmSecure - Mouse with built in palm scanner

Biometric Entry

Specialist adaption of product for custom requirements; rack, door entry etc.



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Fujitsu Older style CLEARANCE, SPARES and DISCONTINUED models:

KVM Switches

PS2 & Sun 8MMC User Switches

8 port - Special Offer clearance

PS2 & Sun USB User Switches

KVM Extenders:.

FE2000 Range  with serial,USB,PS2 & Audio

FE1000 Range Compact High extender

Special Offers KVM Extender set - B713 

 KVM Console Drawers 

FD-5200 Range 17"

FD-1000 Range 15"

FD-5100 Range 17"


Access over IP Products


IP Access to a serial port with Full administrator or controlled user access options.

KVM Cables & Adaptors

Fujitsu Standard D15 - KVM Cables

Fujitsu Server Connection Modules FX-8000

UTP Matrix KVM Switch System 

FX-8000 Series - Special supply spares

KVM Solid local 8 User to 32 Server control over UTP


User Station

Fujitsu Server Connection Modules FX-8000