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Kvm Switches, Ultra Matrix, Specialist Cables, Splitters, Extenders...

UltraVista: 4K UHD Video Wall Controllers *NEW*

VWL-T222-4K-DV (4K UHD)

VWL-G122/4K60  (4K @60Hz)

RackView: Side Opening LCD KVM Rack Drawers *NEW*

Left Side Opening LCD KVM

Right Side Opening LCD KVM

CrystalView: LSOH Active Optical Cables *NEW*

DisplayPort (10m) | HDMI (10-100m)

UltraVista Pro: Image Processing Video Wall *NEW*

Modular System: VWL-CH-DP

CrystalView: Dual Access DVI CATx KVM Extenders *NEW*

Models: USB-HID | USB | PS/2              Also Available in Dual Video (Cat5/6)

IP-GUARD: Secure KVM Switches *NEW*

NIAP 3.0 certified & Anti-tamper Checkout: Security for alternatives


4 Port KVM Switch

HDMI KVM with USB 2.0

Quadra Vista HDMI 4K*NEW*

4 Port Multiviewer & Video Switch

HDMI Multiviewer - 4K@60hz.

Vista DP 4K KVM's *NEW*

4 Port KVM Switches (DisplayPort)

Ideal for switching up to four computers with crystal clear video - 4K@30hz.

MultiVideo HDMI / DP *NEW*

Multivideo HDMI & DP KVM Switches, available in Dual or Quad-head.

Orion: Multi-user kvm switch

Transmitter, Switch & Receiver 16 x 8 Chassis Model & alternative models...

MultiVideo: Dual-link KVM Switch

Models: DVI-I | DisplayPort

Simultaneous Remote Video Switching

Rose Vista KVM Switch - Entry Level

2 Port Mini Vista  

4 Port Desk M Chassis 

4 & 8 Port L-Chassis 19" 



PS2 User PC switches,  -K ( kit) versions supplied with PS2 Cables and Rack kits.

Ultraview Pro KVM Switch - Scalable Single user

PC Platform Models M-Chassis 1U

PC Platform Models B-Chassis 1U 

PC Platform Models C-Chassis 2U

Multiplatform Models M-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models B-Chassis 1U

Multiplatform Models C-Chassis 2U

Ultramatrix KVM Switch -  Multiuser Matrix

2 User System PC Platform

2 User System Multiplatform

4 User System PC Platform

4 User System Multiplatform

Ultraconsole KVM & Serial Switch (Multiplatform)

Single Local only User Models

Single IP & Local User Models 

MultiVideo KVM Switches

2 Video M-Chassis

2 Video B-Chassis

4 Video C-Chassis

Specialist Range

Quad Video: DVI & DP

Xtensys -Catx Matrix KVM Switch Systems

Available models include 1, 2, 4, 8 & 16 User KVM Switches with or without IP Access

Call us for solution pricing

Rose Ultra Cables:

All Cables

PS2 ZX  low cost PS2 cables

PS2 CX premium PS2 cables

USB - premium USB Computer cables

Rose KVM Extenders: PS2 & USB 

UTP - ViewLink Extenders Range

UTP - CrystalView Extenders Range

Fibre - CrystalView Pro Fiber Range DVI

Fibre - CrystalLink USB 3.0

HDMI/CATx - CrystalView EX5 Extender

CATx - CrystalView EX5 Quad Extender

Rose KVM Sharer Devices

ML-2U MultiStation (2 KVM)

ML-4U MultiStation (4 KVM)

Rose KVM Console Drawer Ranges

- 15" Models

- 17" Models

- 19" Models

Rose Converters Uniport & User Adaptors

PS/2 D25 Rose Switch to USB

PS/2 to USB Converter

PS2-USB Converter

Rose UTP Video Splitters




Rose QuadraVista

DVI Multi Viewers

(4 Computer images view on 1 Screen)


Rose ClassView (Training system)

- KVM switch units / PS/2

KVM switch units / RS232

Ultralink (IP Access to KVM)

UltraLink Light low-cost remote access units

UltraView Remote

(Single User IP Access KVM Switches)

UltraMatrix AV HDMI

- HDMI Matrix Switch (16x16)


Orion Range

- Orion Multi-user Kvm

- Orion-XC Compact Kvm

- Orion-X Series Kvm's

UltraMatrix Remote

Multi User KVM Switches

All Rose Products

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MUST SEE: Orion / Xtensys

About the manufacturer

'Pioneer of KVM Switch Technology'


Rose Electronics offers the industry's most comprehensive range of video, audio, and USB products such as KVM switches, Fibre/CATx KVM switches, USB extenders, Video Wall Controllers, Multi viewers, Video Splitters, Digital KVM IP, and KVM Rack Drawers. Rose Electronics products are known for their quality, scalability, ease of use and innovative technology. Rose ensure the best products and services to fulfil most technology needs.

Rose products are used in a wide variety of applications such as accessing, controlling, managing, and monitoring thousands of local and remote multi-platform servers worldwide. When combined with their system expertise, customers can come up with new applications for them every day. The technology is both robust in operation for commercial, industrial, educational, and military applications. Some typical applications include: Network operation centres, Server farm control rooms, Mission control rooms,Data centres, Airport terminal displays and so much more!