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Packet Power captures, collects and analyzes the information datacenteryou need to effectively manage energy usage.

Organizations with data centers and other power-intensive facilities use the information we provide to:

The Focus and Solution:


Make it easy to understand what's driving your usage of electrical power


How? We focus on making monitoring simple to install, easy to use and affordable while providing the real-time insight into power, heat, humidity and air pressure that the management of complex facilities requires.

All of Packet Power's monitoring devices communicate over a secure wireless network that configures itself.  Our system can monitor a single device or a 2,000-amp mains feed, and is equally suitable for a single site with a few monitoring points or multiple facilties with thousands.





Products (Parts and Components)

Smart Power Cables [ Wireless Inline Monitors]

Inline Monitoring Cables

IP Gateways [IP Central Access point]

IP Access hubs for gaving site information for full IP Access

To use the monitoring hardware, customers must choose to either subscribe to the Cloud based Energy Analysis Subscription Service or Licence the Data Hub or EMX Software.


Enviromental Monitors                                                                    Cloud Service


Enviromental Monitors Sensors

- Temporature, Humidity & Differential Pressure




Energy Analysis Subscription Service - CLOUD

Rights to use MY.PACKETPOWER.COM Online portal and the Power Manager Application



EMX Energy Monitoring System

25 Monitoring points

100 Monitoring points

500 Monotoring points

Annual Maintenance options


Data Hub SNMP Gateway

25 Monitoring points

100 Monitoring points

500 Monitoring points

Annual Maintenance options