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KVM Choice: Secure KVM Switches

Secure KVM Solutions: Secure Desktop KVM Access & Secure IP Remote Access

High Security for both local Computer Control and IP Network Computer Access.


What is Secure KVM?


Secure KVM switches allow computer peripherals such as keyboard & mouse to connect securely to a PC, ports are isolated between networks ensuring no data is leaked between the ports and potential threats, this sometimes done by changing circuitry to light diodes. Secure KVM Switches must truly break the connection to previous channels before reconnecting to the new chosen channel/port. In order to design a optimal environment to making mission-critical decisions, organisations must consider both desktop ergonomics and the user experience. Secure KVM switches provide a user-friendly and ergonomically optimised workspace for users operating in command and control environments. Secure KVMs come with a wide range of features and additional options to further maximize overall efficiency and security.


Example explanatory drawing: (Using ADDER Secure AVS schematic.)


Maximum Security: NIAP 3.0 / NIAP 4.0


KVM - Functionality for superior operation


 NATO - TEMPEST Certified


 All Video Signal Types available


Secure Data Transfer & Operation with Anti-Tamper Protection


 True Data Path Isolation


 Secure Video Emulation (EDID)


 Common Access Card (CAC) reader support options



Secure KVM by Manufacturer:





Secure KVM with superior usability, featuring configurable LED buttons, a real-time status display, and NIAP PP 4.0. security compliance.


+ NIAP PP 4.0 Certified/ or PP3.0 Versions

+ Up to 3840 x 2160@60Hz (4K Secure KVM)

+ Intuitive E-Paper Display (Real-time status)

+ Color-configurable LEDs buttons

Raritan RSS

Desktop access solution for guarding against cyber intrusion for government and military agencies, PSS PP v3.0 Compliant. High res 4K video, with Multi-level Physical and Logical Security.


+ PSS PP v3.0 Compliant (NIAP 3.0)

+ Up to 3840 x 2400@30Hz (4K Secure KVM)

+ Isolated KVM ports

+ CAC authentication

ATEN Secure KVMs

PSS PP v3.0 & v4.0 Secure KVM Switches specifically designed to meet the stringent security requirement of secure defense and intelligence installations. Isolation between computer sources & peripherals.


+ PSS PP v4.0 or v3.0 (NIAP 3.0/4.0)

+ Up to 3840 x 2160@30Hz (4K UHD Secure KVM)

+ Video DynaSync™ (Eliminates boot-up display)

+ Dual displays options


NIAP 3.0, with Anti-tamper, all data relays are controlled by inverted signals, shielding outside connections. Ports use isolated data channels, the ROM is also nonreprogrammable.

Variations: DVI-I Dual / DP-DP DP-HDMI


+ NIAP 3.0 (NEW NIAP 4.0 Models Available)

+ Largest Choice of Secure KVM Models (Full List)

+ Supports 4K Ultra HD (3840 × 2160 @30Hz)

+ Manufactured in the USA


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