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KVM Choice: Environmental Monitoring

Power Efficiency, Monitoring, Management & Control

Information on ways to improve systems to reach environmental and efficiency targets

Methods to reduce heat and power demands, thus save money:


Environmental Monitoring and Power Management Products

Server Racks



All brands






Smart Rack Controller


Call for a quote to your requirements


Intelligent PDU's Controller

All sizes and configurations with inbuilt features and ports for sensors.


see the PDU Finder on PDU Choice

HOT and COLD Aisle


We offer a collective solution: the integral, scalable and efficient system solution for ultimate IT infrasture







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Power Monitoring Products

PDU & IP Power control systems with monitoring to outlet level, Data collection and Environmental monitoring sensors. 

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PDU Choice 

Data Centre and Rack Cooling Methods

Various methods can now used from simple air direction and separation, Air corridors or intense liquid cooling within the racks.


Additional solutions of Racks with inbuilt self supporting cooling systems.


Call to dicuss cooling solutions for different areas

DCIM Solutions

Power Control Complete System Management.

Sunbird DCIM enables you to become more effective in power capacity management and efficient in energy consumption & control all assets


Professional IT department or Facilities department in mind. Whether there is a requirement to monitor wired climate monitoring hardware or 3rd party devices such as intelligent power strips, uninterruptible power supplies, generators.

Environmental Montoring

Infrustructure managment via remote sensors for enviromental condition information access

Data Centre Design and PlanningTools

DCIM Benefits

Infrastructure Management planning and design Tool. Full datacentre equipment planning Software

Energy Efficiency Consultancy

There are many ways to meet enviromental targets and reduce a company's carbon footprint. Find out how to make large savings on power consumption as well as many other things in the correct places at the same time as creating better access and control which will reduce your overall business costs.

Talk to our consusltants to discuss various ideas and solutions.

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Cold Aisle Containment Systems

Advanced methods of cold aisle containment allow cooling of only the minimum areas rather than the whole server room, saving costs and energy. Next Generation Cold Corridors Taking modular thinking in energy-efficient data centre design to a new level.



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 Environmental Sensors

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