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KVM Choice Ltd is a licensed credit broker allowing us to offer tax efficient corporate financing.

Available for any product order over £ 2000.00 net. With 1,2,3 & 5 Year Contracts.


We offer every possible support service available in the UK for the products we supply as approved top level suppliers of leading brands, ie: Raritan, Rose Electronics, Adder Technology, Aten, Smart-AVI, Fujitsu... We introduce you to the best advice to provide the service that's right for you - to help you look after & expand your system as your needs grow and technology changes.



Why not concider finance for monthly payments and for your most efficient budget decisions:


CAPEX Generally Takes Two Forms

Maintenance Capital Expenditure

These are cash expenditures incurred to purchase new capital assets to maintain, restore or replace the useful life of existing capital assets. It is a type of recurring expenditure.

Expansion Capital Expenditure

These are cash expenditures incurred to expand or increase the efficiency of the existing capital assets. Expansion capital assets are bought by the company in order to grow the business.



OPEX or operating expenses refers to those costs incurred by a business to run its day-to-day operations smoothly. These expenses should be ordinary and customary for the industry in which the firm operates. OPEX items are generally short-term and are used within the year of their purchase.

These types of expenses are generally shown on the income statement of an organization. Operating expenses are deducted from the gross profits of the company when they occur. Its depreciation is fully deductible in the respective year.

It is essential for every firm to identify its operational activities, primary revenue-producing activities, and other non-financing activities before calculating its operating expenses. OPEX primarily covers the commercial activities of a company.


Examples of OPEX or Operating Expenses


In simple terms, operating expenses are costs incurred by a company to run its day-to-day operations. They are short-term expenses and are usually spent within the accounting year in which they were purchased. Given below are some examples of OPEX.


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