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KVM Extender - Methods

KVM Extenders are devices than allow a Keyboard Monitor and Mouse to be used much further away from the actual computer than standard cables will allow. This is done by converting the control and video signals to run accross a different media type cabling such as Cat5/6 UTP, Fibre optics or IP allowing easy installation. KVM Extender options cover single user to multiple user, high performance Digital video to standard VGA.

KVM extension over the Network IP

KVM Network Extenders LAN

IP KVM extension using your network

Instantly Control and view multiple computers over your LAN or this method can allow creating a Digital Matrix of transmitters and recievers


Call us to discuss solutions

KVM Remote Access

IP Extenders via Browser WAN

Access and control remote site computers and equipment securely via your browser.

Single Device units



IP Access extension to multiple computers brings on the 

option of IP access KVM Switches or management - CALL


Fibre Optic KVM Extenders

Fibre KVM Extenders

- SingleMode and Multimode

All point to point & network types


All Fibre Extenders +Video/AV

- SingleMode and Multimode

All point to point & network types

UTP KVM Extenders  Point- Point

DVI KVM Extenders

- Digital Video all types  Resolutions over 1920 x 1200


Display Port KVM Extenders

- Resolutions up to 2560 x 1600


VGA KVM Extenders

with USB control

- All video types

VGA KVM Extenders

with PS2 control

- All video types

- Ideal in Industrial applications

19" Rack Mount KVM Extenders - multiple 

- 19" Fixed or Chassis to load, for high density multiple computer extensions.


Dual Video Extenders

- Multiscreen KVM Extenders.

- Quad screen also available

UTP Extenders with Other Signals Point to Point

All types Extenders

- Full list

Serial RS232 Extenders

Including KVM Extenders supporting Serial RS232

All RS232 Related

AV and Video Only

UTP Video Extenders

DVI Extenders

- High Resolution


Display Port Extenders

- Super high Res upto 2560 x 1600

HDMI Extenders

 - High Resolution

AV Extenders

- Full list



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