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KVM Choice are officially UK Authorised suppliers of Mcab products and our Mcab products are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by Mcab. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues.


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Racks & Cabinets...

Acoustic Cabinets

- Able to reduce sound by 18dB

- Usable depth of 395mm

- Usable depth of 545mm

Network Racks

- Great for networking purposes

- Usable depth of 395mm

- Usable depth of 545mm

Server Racks 

- Fully Assembled & Flat Pack options

- Grey Racks 24U42U

- Black Racks 24U, 27U

- Co-location 42U 

Wall Cabinets

- Solid steel, cam lock, gasket sealed

MCB-WB1260 (12U)

MCB-WB960 (9U)

About the manufacturer

'Quality Enclosures UK Made'

Mcab Cabinets & Server Racks are primary designed for use in the data centre however, the range of wall cabinets have a variety of use, although most racks are mainly designed to hold servers; acoustic racks, network racks and wall cabinets are designed to hold other components too, such as Networking equipment, (Network racks) Telecommunication equipment, (Wall Cabinets) Cooling systems, & also UPS. Mcab enclosures are designed and built in the UK from high quality British steel.