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Recent News: " IEC Lock (Scolmore) recently won a Patent Legal Case against copyists "


IEC Lock is the unique Locking IEC system where the IEC Female will lock onto almost any standard IEC Plug securely to help protect accidental disconnection of power cables thus helping you to protect computer systems and other vital equipment. 

KVM Choice are officially UK Authorised suppliers of IEC Lock products and our IEC Lock product range are warranted for sale and use in the UK, warranties fully supported by IEC Lock. Please check the warranty status of low cost imports which may have warranty issues, for details contact us.


IEC Lock's: New 'AWARD WINNING' Range

LSOH Rewirebale

C13 (Coming Soon)

Molded Angled

C13 (Coming Soon)

Rewirebale Angled

C13 (Coming Soon) 

Lockable Outlets

C19 (Coming Soon)



Locking IEC C13 & C19 Connector Power Cables

IEC60320 - C13-C14 & C19-C20

IEC C19-C20 Cables (Locking C19)


Locking C19 / C20 - Black

- Locking C19/C20 - Red

- Locking C19/C20 - Orange

- Locking C19/C20 - Blue

- Locking C19/C20 - White


Stock on links (Also available in other custom lengths on MOQ)

IEC C13-C14 Cables (Locking C13)


Locking C13/C14 - Black

Locking C13/C14 - Red

Locking C13/C14 - Orange

Locking C13/C14 - Blue

Locking C13/C14 - White


Stock on links (Also available in other lengths on MOQ)

Locking C13 / C19 to UK & International 

Various options of C13 / C19 to IND309, UK, EU, US...

UK Mains to IEC - C19 (Locking C19)

- Locking UK Plug / C19 - Black


IECLock cables also available in other colours and lengths to order

IEC C13-UK Plug (Locking C13)

Locking UK Plug/C13 - Black


IECLock cables also available in other colours and lengths to order

IND309 to  IEC C19

( Locking C19)

Black IND309 - C19

World Wide International Power Cables

- IEC LOCK C13/EU-Schuko

- IEC LOCK C13/USA Nema 5-15P (POA)

Locking IEC C13 Connector  Power Cables

IEC Lock C13 Toolless - Pull version lock

IEC Extension  C13-C14 Cable


Locking C13/C14 Plug - Black

Locking C13/C14 Plug - Orange

LSOH IEC Lock Cables


- Locking - LSOH C13/C14 (POA)

- Locking - LSOH UK Plug/C13 (POA)

IEC Lock retro socket (LSOH)

LSOH Connector


- Rewirable C13 Socket (POA)

Custom IEC Lock Cables

- Alternative rewirable Models

- Asistance / help

- Custom Assembly (POA)

PDU's with IEC-Locking Sockets

IEC Locking PDU and Customisation's

IEC Lock PDU  

Custom locking PDU's and separate sections of locking outlets 


- Special PDU's can also be made with IEC Lock connectors fitted





IEC Lock cables are now recommended to replace almost any standard cable connection of C13-C14 or C19-C20 to provide a secure connection. 













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