KVM Choice: Serial Console Servers

Serial Console Servers & Console Switches










Serial Console Control

Remote Serial Console Control 

Secure remote access to all devices, KVM Matrix switch compatible

- Raritan Serial DSX2               

- Aten Serial SN Range  

- Aten SN DC Power Range

All brand types and versions

- Special Offer Serial Console 

Combined KVM & Serial (Hybrid solutions)

Remote management appliance that provides secure access to IT assets both KVM and serial interface

Raritan DKX3 with Serial module

Raritan DSAM add Serial to KVM switch

( Both above units required together )

Rose Ultraconsole 

- Adder 5016IP-SCON-K16 KVM with serial adaptors

Serial Cables & Adaptors

All rollover

Raritan CRLVR

Nulling Serial Adaptors

ASCS adaptors


RS232 Serial Adaptors

These adaptors can be added to KVM Switches of the same brand:

Raritan KVM - Serial DSAM multiple

Raritan KVM - Serial CIM single

Adder KVM - Serial CAM single

Adaptors and converters


Older System support

Combined Serial & Power Units

- Older systems supports and spares for basic functions still available

Secured with SSH V2


Supporting and spare parts for legacy systems

Chassis & Card Serial Console   

- Legacy support Products/ Spare Parts

- Enterprise console server with IP

Adding 4G/5G access solutions 

 Site maintenance services


Multiple connection possiblities made easy and secure  

Also checkout the Next Generation Serial Console Server: Raritan's DOMINION® SX II


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