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Adder Technology produce products which empower IT and AV Professionals to manage KVM and enable distributed remote control anywhere accross your systems. Adder video and extension technologies deliver reliable high definition video and CD Quality audio for many applications including digital signage. Please note Adder products are supplied with Adders Standard 2 Year return to base manufacturer warranty only. If your require a higher level of support on enterprise level products please contact us.


We have very long standing history and loyal supplier arrangement with Adder Technology as they offer a paricularly high standard of both product and technical support, and we are pleased to be an Adder Premier Partner Supplier meaning we can offer you the highest levels of support, assistance and after sales services. KVM Choice are fully trained specialists on the Adder range and can offer expert advice and system planning / configuration.

Additional support and services : Warranty Extension, Adder 24/7 Elite Technical Assist, Onsite Technical Services


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ADDERLink, High Performance Devices, IP KVM, Secure KVM

ALIF-4000 Series (4K KVM)

INFINITY: The world's first dual-head, high performance 4K IP KVM fiber extender & KVM switch system, Transmitter & Receiver.

ALIF-4000 | ALIF-4000T | ALIF-4000R

ALIF-3000 (IP Extender)

INFINITY: A dual-head, USB 2.0 IP KVM extender delivering real-time unlimited access to physical and virtual machines.

ALIF-101T (0U KVM)

The 101T is a High Performance 0U IP KVM dongle for extension or matrix.

Models: DVI | HDMI | DisplayPort


Powerful and flexible high performance Digital HDMI IP KVM & Extender, offering 1920 x 1200 resolution at 30 FPS.

ADDERView - Secure

KVM desktop designed for superior usability, with real-time display, and the highest level of security, NIAP PP 4.0.

KVM: DVI | DP/HDMI | MultiViewer: DVI


High performance KVM, Supporting Single or dual-head HD60 video, Point-to-point protocol, ultra-low latency.

Dual Head | Quad Head | 4K


Control suite which transforms ALIF extenders into a digital matrix solution.

*NEW* IP KVM Matrix (AIM)


Rack mountable PDU / PSU, with a 12V30W redundant power supply.

8 port | 16 port | Dual Power


High Quality Digital IP Control Room and IP Extension Systems

ADDER KVM Switches, Inintiy, Matrix, & Extenders


Adder Infinity System - Digital/Network IP KVM, Audio & Video Control

AIM Central Mangament control - Adderlink Infinity Manager - digital matrix systems start here.

 Transmitter and Receiver sets:

ALIF 1002 - Single DVI Single Link

ALIF 2020 - Dual Video Single Link only

ALIF 2002 - Dual DVI Single Link or Single DVI Dual link

ALIF 2112 - Remote WAN access with Real VNC

ALIF 3000R - Unlimited virtual machine (VM) access

ALIF 4000 - 4K Dual Video DisplayPort, Over Single Fibre


AIM Expanding Upgrade - Expand the system Licencing

RED PSU PRO - Redundant multiple unit power supply

- Adder onsite installation and configuration services

CASE STUDY (Heathrow Airport)


AdderView AV Pro DVI Switches - DVI & USB Control Switching

Single Screen DVI Video & USB

Single Screen Display Port & USB

Multi Screen DVI Video & USB

2K / 4K + Resolutions possible





- Adder onsite installation and configuration services

Adder DDX

CatX DVI Video KVM Matrix 

KVM Switch unit 10 & 32 Port


User Station


Adder XD Range

High Res Extenders

XD150  DVI Single Video 150Mtr

XD522 HDMI Dual Video / 4K Resolutions 3840x2160 VESA Timing

XD150 Fibre Extender DVI Video

XDIP IP Network Extenders


Data Centre & Multi computer control - KVM Server control 

Kvm Console, Video Matrix, VGA Switches

Adder RDX KVM Console Drawer

RDX KVM Console with KVM Switch, +1xIP or +4xIP

17" KVM Drawers

19" KVM Drawers

CAM's For Server Attachment


Adder DDX CatX Digital Video KVM Matrix

DDX10 Flexi port RJ45

DDX30 / 7x User Fixed + 23x Felixible port RJ45


User Station


Adder Cat X

IP  VGA USB Range UTP KVM Switch  AVX 5000

4 IP + Local User - 16+ Servers

1 IP + Local User Switches

CAM's for server attachment



See KVM Choice Bundle deals on Adder

Adder Cat X

Local KVM Matrix Switch UTP systems  AVX 4000

With Audio support capability

1 Local User Only Cat X KVM Switches

4 Local User and IP Cat X KVM Switches

KVM User Station  for remote UTP 300 Mtr Users

CAM's for server attachement


See KVM Choice Bundle deals on Adder

Adder Further Specialist Product Ranges

 Secure Kvm, Display Port, VGA Pro, Pro AV, Remote IP...

AdderView Trader Switch and Control room top end

Separate screens for each computer and easy control from one KVM


CCS-PRO8 - USB Control with Free flow software mouse screen glide switching


Remote control options: RC4 Screen LED's

Secure KVM Switches Adder High Security KVM Switches - Desk Top


EAL 4 Certified KVM Switch models

EAL 4 Certified & Tempest Qualified KVM Switch Models 

Versions:  VGA Video          DVI Video & USB

Display Port KVM




XD522 DisplayPort Thunderbolt Video and USB 2.0 over a single cable

AdderView USB Pro VGA KVM Switch Range - ( VGA PRO )

with Audio support capabilities


Single VGA & USB Video KVM Switches

Multi Video VGA & USB KVM Switches


 IP Remote Access to KVM

Adder Link IP ( ALIP Range Suitable for Computer or switches )

IPEP's  Range ( Suitable for Direct Computers only)

Power Control

Single IP Port control

8 Port Unit Slave from Master or KVM Switch

RED-PSU Redundant MultiDevice DC Power supply 12 Volt or 5 Volt output DC

Adder KVM Extender Sets

Infinity Range DVI+USB fibre/UTP

DDX Extender kits

XDIP -IP extender

XD Range High Res to 4K



X-50 VGA&USB Full 2.0 50M Range

X-200 VGA& Emulated USB User 300M Range

X-100 Short Distance VGA&PS2 User 100M Range

X2-Gold Series VGA,PS2,AUDIO,RS232 Extenders

X2-Silver Series VGA,PS2,RS232 skew Extenders

X2-Multiscreen VGA&PS2 Extenders

X2-KVM Series Long Distance VGA,PS2&RS232 User

AdderLink Original VGA&PS2 Range


Adder Extender Selection Guide

KVM Splitter / User Sharers



2-4 Multiple Users of a single computer's Keyboard Video and Mouse



Extended Second user methods. DUAL CAM

*Use with separate extender receivers




*Alternatively use a Matrix KVM Switch

Remote Control

Remote control units that can be used to provide direct push button access to any channel from your desktop.

AV Audio Video Extenders

ALAV100 Range (VGA & Audio)

ALAV200 Range ( VGA, Audio & Serial )

Adder ALPV100 Range VGA

Adder ALDV100 Range (HDMI)

Adder Control & Trader Switches

USB  - 4 screen CCS-PRO4

With sychrony FreeFlow software mouse switching

Original Eol  CCS4


PS2  - 4 screen TS4

Adder Power Supplies & Accessories

Power Supplies  PSU

Rack Mount Kits



Rack Multiple Redundant product powering

RED-PSU Distribution

Adder KVM Switch Bundles 





Adder KVM Cables:.


Adder VGA/PS2 3in1


Secure switch VSCD Cables


CAM - CatX Adaptors

Adder Rack Mounting Kits: 

Switch rack kits Adder RMK

ALIP rack kits

Adder X-Series Extender rack kits



Adder Professional Services:


Adder Elite Service


Adder Warranty Extension

Extend the standard adder warranty for extra protection of your devices


On Site Technical Services

Adder trained Onsite installation or configuration services.

Also onsite maintenance