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Xceedium ( special Price ONLY $ 1749.00 ) XIO-NET-KVM1 1 x IP , 1 Local user to 1 path output to KVM Converter, plus 2 x Serial Ports from Multiple browser KVM access over IP

Rear View of XIO-NET-KVM1 1 x IP user to 1 path output to KVM Converter


Xceedium has developed an innovative family of products designed specifically for remote server management. NET-KVM is a robust hardware-based networking device that offers you full control of your servers and serial devices. Using any Web browser, Xceedium’s NET-KVM provides full Keyboard, Video and Mouse control of your mission critical servers - quickly and effectively from any Internet or networked location. If Firewall rules for your network system limit excepted access for example VNC is not allowed through your firewall which is port 5900 or 5800 then Net-KVM is the IP to KVM access device for you. It's easy to use to with no need to modify any networking routing devices. True KVM access over IP. NET-KVM gives you the power to remotely perform many functions that would normally require you to enter the server room such as resetting hardware and configuring the BIOS. By having full access to your server’s primary I/O (keyboard, video, mouse), NET-KVM provides you with the capability to administer your devices and take action to correct problems, from your desk via IP, quickly and effectively. With no software to install, NET-KVM does not impact server performance and seamlessly supports multiple operating systems. Since NET-KVM does not require any user licenses and provides remote access using SSL-UAG+, standard Web browsers or VNC, it eliminates the need for proprietary software updates and reduces administration costs. Security is a Xceedium priority. NET-KVM is protected with multiple users/passwords and employs 128-bit SSL encryption to encrypt all keyboard and mouse signals. In addition, NET-KVM offers specialized security features such as the Stealth mode and Turtle mode. Also, with full remote access capability to your equipment, you can reduce personnel traffic to your server room, keeping your data room door closed and more secure. With NET-KVM’s built-in monitoring and notification features, you will be able to fully rely on the device to notify you of problematic symptoms before they become critical. The device also provides full SNMP support, making NET-KVM an integral component of your IT management infrastructure to monitor, administer and support your mission-critical network. Using NET-KVM, users will be able to obtain keyboard/video/mouse and power control of servers from any PC running Internet Explorer or VNC (a free software). Accordingly, it is ideal for any kind of mission critical IT administration, whether from within the same building or across the globe. NET-KVM Provides Full BIOS Level Control Users will have full remote console control of any connected device right down to the BIOS level. With NET-KVM, users can perform low level disaster recovery functions and control power of their servers. NET-KVM is Non-Intrusive As an external stand alone device that does not require additional hardware or resources, NET-KVM is a nonintrusive solution that minimizes the potential impact on the servers and serial devices. NET-KVM Requires No Software Installation NET-KVM can be accessed using existing Internet browsing software or VNC. NET-KVM also seamlessly supports multiple platforms and operating systems and eliminates the need for software licensing. How Does NET-KVM Work? NET-KVM enables administrators to remotely control their servers over the Internet or from any networked location. NET-KVM connects directly to the servers via its PS2 and VGA ports. For local console support and access, NET-KVM has a dedicated port for which a keyboard, monitor and mouse can be connected. Once an IP address has been assigned, NET-KVM attaches to the network through its RJ45 connector. NET-KVM digitizes and compresses keyboard, video and mouse signals and sends the digital data packets over the TCP/IP network. From a remote computer, a standard Web browser or VNC is used to authenticate and securely connect the user(s) to the servers, seamlessly and in real-time. NET-KVM Enables Remote Power Cycling With Xceedium’s xControl Power device, users can power cycle, turn on/off any connected device through NET-KVM's intuitive GUI, over IP. NET-KVM is a Matrix solution NET-KVM 16 allows up to 6 simultaneous and independent users to access and manage the attached servers. NET-KVM Has Automatic Monitoring & Notification NET-KVM monitors server functions and notifies users when any of the managed servers becomes problematic. NET-KVM is Highly Compatible NET-KVM has been designed to work with most of the KVM switches, platforms and operating systems. NET-KVM is More Secure NET-KVM has built-in authentication, plus 128 bit SSL encryption for keyboard and mouse. In addition, NET-KVM offers specialized security features including the Stealth mode and Turtle mode, and is fully compatible with existing security technologies such as SSH and VPN. Cost Savings Minimize network downtime and achieve cost reductions by adding NET-KVM to your server management infrastructure. NET-KVM is specifically designed to provide instant access to IT equipment, increasing uptime and productivity while reducing expensive labor costs. NET-KVM helps your company to save money by reducing:

  • Downtime
  • Problem Resolution Time
  • Deployment Costs
  • Configuration Costs
  • Remote Upgrade Costs
  • Facility Management Costs
  • KVM Replacement Costs
  • The average ROI for a NET-KVM ranges from 250% to 2000% depending on the size of the server Installation and the model(s) purchased.



  • If VNC is not allowed through your firewall which is port 5900 or 5800 then Net-KVM is the IP to KVM access device for you.

  • Its easy to use to with no need to modify any networking routing devices.

    Dedicated Hardware Design
  • Embedded Operating System &
    Application Software

  • Embedded HTTP/1.1 & HTTPS Secure Web Server

  • Embedded VNC Server Using RFB 3.3 Protocol & Hexfile Encoding

  • Flash Upgradeable Firmware over Browser Interface

  • KVM Ports use Standard VGA HD15 and
    PS/2 Connections

  • Keep Alive Feature on All Inputs

  • 1 server and 1 local console KVM Port

  • DHCP

  • SNMP

  • BSD Syslog RFC3164

  • 1x RJ-45 10/100TX Ethernet Port with Activity Indicators

  • Ports - 2 Serial Ports (RS-232)

  • Virus Proof - through Embedded Technology

  • X.509 Certificate Public Key Encryption

  • 128-bit SSL v2/v3 Keyboard and Mouse Encryption

  • Breach Prevention through:
    > Stealth Mode - Prevents Port Scans and Network Probes
    > Turtle mode - Option to Deactivate Remote Access when Attacked

  • Compatible with VPN and SSH Technologies

  • SMTP Server (for Email Notification)

  • Open Java and VNC port (User Specified)

  • PS/2 Compliant for Keyboard and Mouse

  • VESA Compliant Mode of up to 1280x1024@75Hz

  • Serial Terminal Access Port (for Telnet)

  • Internet Explorer 5.5+, Netscape 4.7+ or Mozilla 1.0

  • Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment

  • VNC Client (Optional)

  • Recommend PIII Processor Equivalent or Better

  • Telnet Client for Terminal Server Access

  • Dimensions - 5.7"W x 1.75"H (1U) x 16"D

  • Built-in Industrial Strength Power Supply

  • 100-240 VAC @ 50/60Hz, auto-sensing

  • CSA Certified

  • FCC Class B Compliant Pursuant to Part 15

  • Temperature - 0-40 Celsius Operating,
    40-74 Celsius storage

  • One Year Parts and Labour
  • Possible Implimentation when using 16 port version. Single port and 8 port version will give IP access on the same way but only 1 simultaneous active user to either 1 or 8 Port as available from unit.


  • Complete KVM Control over Web Browser

  • Secure BIOS Level Access

  • Over IP Remote Power Cycling

  • Non-Intrusive (No Software Installation Required)

  • Compatible with Most Platforms, OS and KVM Switches

  • Single Server or KVM Port

  • Local Console Access through a Local (Analog) Port

  • Multiple Concurrent Remote (Digital) Sessions

  • Up to 10 User Profiles

  • 2 Multipurpose Serial Ports

  • Complete KVM Control over Web Browser

  • Secure BIOS Level Access

  • Over IP Remote Power Cycling

  • Non-Intrusive (No Software Installation Required)

  • Compatible with Most Platforms, OS and KVM Switches
  • compatible products

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