PS-PC16-U/8 2.4 Mtr Cat6a UTP RJ45 Patch cord for 10 Gb Applications ( PatchSee ) PCI-6Patch / Cat.6A standard

PatchSee Patch Cat6A patchcord


PCI6Patch Category 6a UTP RJ45 patch cords for 10 Gbits/s and hight density panel applications PatchSee Connector Insert technology Category 6a RJ45 patch cords with optical fibre identification The PatchSee fibre ID method allows Security & No handling errors during maintenance Both ends of the RJ45 patch cord can be clearly identified by light Time saving Cables are quickly identified in all circumstances, without wasting time tracing manually Increases network availability Identification is quick and easy Performance Compatible with all cabling systems and equipment A reliable cable for all networks.


* slim line boot to align with the edges of the RJ45 plug for high density panels
* 10 Gbit/s standard compliance for category 6a
* Stainless steel fitted spring for bending radius protection

* unshielded (UTP) 100 Ohms
* 11 lengths from 0.6 m to 4.9 m
* black boot
* part number and length printed on the boot
* compatible with colour coded PatchClips for the first level of identification

0% error (Bit Error Rate <10-12) PatchSee guarantee with individual testing of each cable

Conforms to EIA / TIA and ISO / IE standards
Cost Costs the same as standard, high quality RJ45 patch cord Low cost, simple technology using two plastic optical fibres in the cable
Return on investment Maximum return on investment, even within a year if the cables are changed

Significant reduction in stock compared with using coloured cables

Optimum use of space in computer rooms and racks Reduces network downtime during maintenance

Colour coding using 16 different coloured clips

Servers can be connected directly to switches using long cables (15.2m or more). 11 lengths are available as standard
Simplicity Colour coding for different applications (Internet, printers, telephony, etc)

Clearly identified cabling : keeps enclosures tidy 16 different coloured clips to give a distinctive colour for any length or application

No need to route the cables over the front panel so that they can be traced by hand to find the other end
Availability Minimum delay between planning and implementation Coloured clips and more than 200,000 cables of all lengths are permanently available

More than 4 million users throughout the world

Picture shows an example view of the fibreoptic ID light glowing to view the cable when the opposite end has the light tracing patchlight attached, not included, coloured clips not included, these are both optional extras - see compatible parts


A reliable cable for all networks :

* conforms Cat.6a to EIA/TIA 568-B2.2-10 and ISO/IEC 11801 ed 2
* application 10 Gbit/s conform IEEE 802.3an
* 25 year guarantee for use in category 6a channels interoperable with any cabling system
* quality control
- 100% testing of electrical and optical properties
- test results saved onto a in database
- each patch cord identified by a unique serial number
* plastic cross web unshielded (UTP)
* PVC sheath for UTP cables and Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) sheath for FTP cables.

Product part numbers and packaging

* PCI6-U/x for category 6a UTP RJ45 cable, where x is the length in feet, 11 standard lengths
* PCI6-F/x for category 6a FTP RJ45 cable, where x is the length in feet, 11 standard lengths
* Dispatched in PatchBoxes of 12 or 6 cables (depending on the length)

The PatchBox is a cardboard box with 6 or 12 patch cords (depending on the length).

This packaging is designed to facilitate storage and stock control :

* quantity from 1 to 6 or 1 to 12 marked on front (depending on the length)
* removable front
* Part N / Length / Type label visible on front

compatible products

Price:£ 6.10 + vat