PSU-8SLAVE-UK ePower Switch 8 Slave UK
– Power Management through RS232 Serial Access 8 port or Slave power strip

ePower Switch S8 Slave Unit


Enable the power management of 8 devices through an RS232 terminal connection. The S8 Slave is power distribution and control unit that can be used either as a slave to the M8 or connected to the AdderLink IP (and other Adder KVM switches*) to provide total remote control of connected servers and their associated power supplies. Power can then be recycled across a number of ports and selected securely from an integrated On-Screen-Display menu. Controlled power outlets can be extended up to 32 by cascading up to four slave models using one RS232 connection (total load 80 A / 230 V).


·Two separate power inputs improve security and increase total current load (20 A or 230 V)
·Built-in serial interface allows easy control using simple ASC11 commands (can be used by any server or KVM switch to individually control the 8 power outlets
·Sequenced power start ups and shut downs outlet by outlet reduces inrush currents
·Front panel LEDs provide quick status checks
·Number of controlled outlets can be extended by cascading


Switch 8 Slave UK
– Power Management through RS232 Serial Access Control Input Port.

POWER INPUTS - 1 x Ports IEC 320 C14

POWER OUTPUTS - 8 x Ports IEC 320 C13

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Price:£ 495.00 + vat