VSCAT7-03 - ADDER - CAT 7 - Patchcord, Ethernet Gigabit Network Cable - 3m (CAT-7)

CAT7 Cable (3m)


Shielded CAT7 Cable, rated for transmission frequencies of up to 600 MHz. Designed for use with the ADDERView DDX range and the ADDERLink X-DVI PRO. Available in various lengths...


Greater Copper Cross Section:

CAT 7 has a larger copper cross-section than the CAT 5
leading to more power and less voltage drop

Double Shielding:

CAT 7 is much more resilient to interference compared to
a CAT 5, as it has an overall shield as well as individual

Faster Speeds & More Bandwidth:

Data Transmission Speed: 10Gbps (10,000 Mbps)
Transmission Frequency / Bandwidth: 600MHz

(CATX - Statistics Table)


Cable Type: S / FTP ( RJ45 - RJ45 )

Max. Data Transmission Speed:10,000 Mbps
Max. Transmission Frequency: 600 MHz
Max. Cable Length / Distance: 100m (Copper Cabling)

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Price:£ 30.42 + vat